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The Capitol Hill
Product Name: The Capitol Hill
Model No.: L193h
Total: 150 pcs
Model Size: 24.2\" L x 19.8\" W x 9.1\" H / 61.5 x 50.3 x 23 cm
Box Size: 13.2\" L x 9\" W x 2.4\" H
Age: 10+
Complexity: ★★★★★★

Key Product Features

Built-up Model Size: 24.2" L x 19.8" W x 9.1" H / 61.5 x 50.3 x 23 cm
In-box LED accessories, install during the assembly
Integrated lighting effects
Made of paper and EPS foam board. No tools needed
Display as an art/decoration/collection. Gift for children/friends. Family Puzzle. Discover history of architecture
Product Description
Construct a famous landmark with CubicFun interlocking puzzle pieces. With original design, high quality, great color, you can create amazing 3D replicas of well-known architecture around the world without any tools. Enjoy the moment when you finish the puzzle and turn on the lights!