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Products>World\'s Great Architecture
  • CityLine Series

  • MC Series

    CubicFun’s most well-developed designs of the world’s famous architectures, experience the highest level of realism, sophistication, and detail presentation. From 30 pieces to 360 pieces, you can rebuild these iconic landmarks of different countries and cultural backgrounds in a relatively longer process, at the meantime, learn and explore the structural integrity also the histories and stories behind. Color instructions with detailed illustration of the original architecture included.
  • C Series

    Based on the inspiration of 3D architecture puzzle, our C Series allows you to take a very close look on this wide range of landmarks and culture symbols. From Western Europe to Far East, from ancient heritages to modern structures, these collections in medium sizes present you exceptional details as you start to assemble, at the meantime, learn more background information by reading the in-box illustrations.
  • S Series

    S series is a collection of products more like miniatures of the world’s famous architectures. These size-reduced puzzles provide the same level of joy as you can still enjoy our unique experience of 3D assembling, a perfect range for children or young adults who are starting to build up a hobby of innovative jigsaw puzzles.
  • LED Lighting Series

    You may notice after you finish our puzzles, they look more like indoor decorative items, therefore we discover a better way of for you to catch people’s eyes. By putting on the in-box LED accessories, light effects will come out from internal structure as well as external components, which increase the level of simulation or even the mood when you exhibit the finished puzzle set.